Kids Baking Championship Season 12 Episode 10 Bake to School: Science Fair Airs July 17 2024 on DFC

In the upcoming episode of “Kids Baking Championship,” the final three young bakers are in for a volcanic challenge like never before. Hosts Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman are pushing the contestants to their limits by tasking them with creating science fair volcano cakes that not only need to taste delicious but also erupt like a real volcano. This unique twist is sure to bring out the creativity and skills of these talented bakers as they strive to impress the judges with their show-stopping creations.

Viewers can expect a mix of excitement and tension as the bakers race against the clock to perfect their volcano cakes. With the pressure on to deliver both flavor and spectacle, the young contestants must think outside the box and come up with innovative ways to make their cakes erupt in a dramatic fashion. As the competition heats up, each baker’s unique style and approach to the challenge will be on full display, making for a thrilling and entertaining episode.

Tune in at 8:00 PM on Wednesday, July 17, 2024, on DFC to witness the final three bakers go head-to-head in a battle of baking skills and creativity. Who will rise to the occasion and impress the judges with their science fair volcano cake? Don’t miss out on the action-packed episode of “Kids Baking Championship” as the young bakers aim to prove that they have what it takes to be crowned the ultimate baking champion.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Wednesday 17 July 2024 on DFC

Kids Baking Championship Bake to School: Science Fair Cast – Season 12 Episode 10

Main Cast
Duff Goldman
Valerie Bertinelli

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