Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It 11 June 2022: Season 7 Episode 4 on Channel 4

Hollyoaks 8 July 2022: Friday on Channel 4 11

In Lincoln, Kirstie and Phil help Carly and Eric end their five-year debate over their two-bed bungalow. But with the pair going off-piste, will they love or list it? (S7 Ep4) 

About Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It

Property professionals Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp help families who are frustrated with their homes. Whether the homeowners have outgrown the space or they want a change of decor, their property no longer meets their requirements. Offering solutions on each home is Kirstie, who believes the owners can learn to “love it,” whereas Phil thinks they should “list it” and make the most of a rising property market. After meeting each couple, the presenters find out all they can about the family involved, how they use their current home and what they would want from a new one. With a budget equal to the cost of moving, Kirstie and a team of property developers transform each house to make it loveable once again. Meanwhile, Phil seeks out properties in the owners’ most desired locations.

This show is broadcast on Channel 4.

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