Ladhood 4 August 2022: Thursday on BBC Three

Ladhood 4 August 2022: Thursday on BBC Three 11

Bedroom – Series 1 Episode 4 of 6 – Liam is back at his parents’ house in Leeds. Having told Jess he’ll spend the day preparing to perform at a local spoken word night, instead he’s procrastinating and playing old video games. But when he turns on his childhood computer and stumbles on an old homemade hip-hop track, it triggers a memory.

Leeds, early noughties. Inspired by the new wave of ‘bedroom musicians’ breaking into the charts, Liam tries to convince his best mates Addy, Craggy and Ralph to make a hip-hop track with him. But when they don’t take “the art” seriously, Liam struggles to keep a lid on it.

Schnecker – Series 1 Episode 5 of 6 – Liam finds himself doing lines of cocaine at a warehouse party on a Tuesday night with a stranger called Penelope. Realising he has a (long-awaited) mental health assessment the next morning, he plans to go home, but he can’t quite drag himself away. Has he always been this reckless?

Leeds, early noughties. Ralph has an empty house during the school half-term. To make the most of this new-found freedom, the lads try to buy weed from the town’s most prolific drug-dealer, Maskill. He quickly informs them his business has changed. He only sells cocaine now.

Ralph takes a gram on credit. While Addy and Craggy refuse to try it, Ralph and Liam are swept up in the excitement and invite Rupert and Tinhead over to Ralph’s empty house. When Maskill and a group of strangers turn up to join proceedings, Ralph’s small gathering becomes a big house party.

The following morning, Liam wakes up to find that Ralph has run up a serious debt with Maskill, who has taken the family television as a deposit. Can they get the money together in time to repay Ralph’s debt before his parents return home?

The First Time – Series 1 Episode 6 of 6 – When Liam lies to Jess about the reasons he missed his mental health assessment, the tensions in their relationship reach boiling point. Liam is suddenly nostalgic for the simplicity of first love.

Leeds, early noughties. When Liam finds out that Ralph is going out with Rachel, his own singledom suddenly becomes a pressing issue. But when he’s accepted on to a new Young, Gifted and Talented programme, he finds himself on a weekend away in the Yorkshire moors with a bookish and charismatic girl called Katie.

Liam and Katie’s relationship blossoms into everything first love promises to be. But were things as straightforward as Liam initially remembers?

About Ladhood

A coming-of-age comedy from the BAFTA nominated comedian, Liam Williams exploring the roots of modern-day masculinity, by delving into the memories of his own misspent adolescence.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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