Law & Order: Organized Crime June 23 2022: ‘High Planes Grifter’ on NBC

Law & Order: SVU June 30 2022: 'Video Killed the Radio Star' on NBC 6

On Thursday June 23 2022 at 10:00pm ET, NBC broadcasts the new “High Planes Grifter” episode of “Law & Order: Organized Crime”  where Stabler and Brewster take advantage of Reggie’s insecurities to force his hand.

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High Planes Grifter – Season 2, Episode 7 – Stabler and Brewster take advantage of Reggie’s insecurities to force his hand. Bell and Nova must protect each other’s secrets. Agnes makes a desperate choice for her family.

Tonight’s Cast

Main Cast: Christopher Meloni as Detective 1st Grade Elliot Stabler, Danielle Moné Truitt as Sergeant Ayanna Bell, Tamara Taylor as Prof. Angela “Angie” Wheatley, Ainsley Seiger as Detective 3rd Grade Jet Slootmaekers, Dylan McDermott as Richard Wheatley

Recurring Cast: Dash Mihok as Reggie Bogdani, Guillermo Díaz as Lieutenant Bill Brewster, Caroline Lagerfelt as Agniezjka Bogdani, Nona Parker Johnson as Detective Carmen Riley, Daniel Oreskes as Lieutenant Marv Moennig, Rachel Lin as Detective Victoria Cho, Vinnie Jones as Albi Briscu, Michael Raymond-James as Jon Kosta, Mike Cannon as Detective Carlos Maldonado, Wendy Moniz-Grillo as A.D.A. Anne Frasier, Roman Blat as Nikoll, Brian Colin Foley as Lorik, DeVore Ledridge as Grace Kosta, Byron Clohessy as Zef, Jack Kilmer as Louis Chinasky, Chris Mason as Luka Hasa, Gregg Henry as Edmund Ross, Rob Langeder as Henry Ankmen, Jacqueline Nwabueze as Violet Brooks, Clara Wong as A.D.A. Lena Chen

Guest Cast: Brittany Joy as Nurse, Crystal Swann as Foreperson, Renes Rivera as Burly C.O

About Law & Order: Organized Crime

Christopher Meloni, reprising his role as Elliot Stabler, returns to the NYPD to battle organized crime after a devastating personal loss. However, the city and police department have changed dramatically in the decade he’s been away, and he must adapt to a criminal justice system in the midst of its own moment of reckoning. Stabler will aim to find absolution and rebuild his life while leading an elite new task force that is taking apart the city’s most powerful crime syndicates one by one.

This show is broadcast on NBC, also known as the National Broadcasting Company.

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