Lose Weight And Get Fit With Tom Kerridge - 1 February 2021 - 1/2/2021 - Monday - BBC Two - TV Everyday

Lose Weight And Get Fit With Tom Kerridge – 1 February 2021 – 1/2/2021 – Monday – BBC Two

Series 1 Episode 4 of 6

Tom Kerridge is challenging himself and a group of volunteers from Gloucester to lose weight and get fit. They have been challenged to stick to daily calorie limits and to take regular exercise for two months in a bid to improve their health and shed pounds. But do they have the drive and self-discipline to stick with the plan?

Tom and the gang are entering the third week of their challenge. Old habits die hard and, after a strong first couple of weeks, the temptation of sweet treats and booze is threatening to undo progress for some of the group. Tom wants to nip temptation in the bud and has invented some recipes that look and taste like treats but are lower in calories.

He starts with his healthier take on the Asian classic crispy duck pancakes. Tom’s version uses skinless chicken, which is much lower in fat than duck, and once all the spices and plum sauce are added the difference is barely noticeable and it is seriously tasty.

For Tom, getting the food right is the easy part. He is less sure of himself when it comes to exercise. Adam, the team’s personal trainer, joins Tom at the gym to watch his workout. What Adam witnesses gives him cause for concern – Tom is pushing himself to the limit and is not giving his body time to heal and rest between workouts. Adam urges Tom to pull back and ‘train smart’.

Some members of the gang are super fussy eaters and Tom has come up with a brilliant dish that is loosely disguised as a fry-up, using ham hock as an alternative to bacon as it contains only half as much fat. His nutritious and filling green eggs and ham is a sneaky way to get veg-shy grown-ups to eat their greens.

We Brits have a weak spot for convenience food, often because of busy lifestyles or a lack of confidence in the kitchen. Tom visits Lauren, the baby of the group, to inspire her to cook food from scratch. Lauren has invited friends round so Tom gives her a lesson in making prawn and avocado rice paper rolls which contain loads of fresh, healthy ingredients and are super-easy to make. Her friends love the food, giving Lauren a much-needed boost.

And just because Tom and his gang are calorie counting, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy occasional sweet treats. Tom’s fudgy chocolate brownies are based around a secret healthy ingredient – black beans – and come in at just 200 calories a slice. For busy mum Emma, who used to reach for crisps and sweets to keep her energy levels up, these brownies are just the job. Emma has polycystic ovary syndrome – if she can stick to the plan and successfully lose weight, it will increase her chances of having another baby.

Community policeman Chris used to love playing sport, but since being diagnosed with arthritis, he has lost confidence. Personal trainer Adam is on hand to give him some pointers to improve his fitness without aggravating his arthritis. He shows Chris how to use resistance bands to do exercises that mimic the effects of lifting weights in the gym, putting him on track to get fitter and healthier.

Meanwhile Manny’s interest in cooking gets a nostalgic boost from one of Tom’s recipes – Mexican-style bean burgers. In the 1980s, Manny and his girlfriend of the time would visit a particular fast food restaurant for bean burgers. It is time for the 62-year-old maths teacher to bring back some fond food memories.

Tom and the gang get together with Adam at a local rugby club. They are joining a mixed ability touch rugby session, a brilliant way to exercise, have a laugh and spend time together. Fitness levels have already improved since the start of the challenge and everyone is rewarded at the end with Tom’s protein-rich energy balls.

It is the weekly weigh-in and after a bumpy start to the week, are the gang back on track?

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hi, really enjoy watching the show. As a none meat eater I’d like more recipes which dont gave meat.
    Can you do a weight loss cookbook. None meat.
    Many thanks for your fabulous cooking.
    Jenny. ❤

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