Louis Theroux Interviews… “Yungblud” 8 November 2022: Episode 3 on BBC Two

Louis Theroux Interviews... "Yungblud" 8 November 2022: Episode 3 on BBC Two 11

Louis meets Dominic Harrison, aka singer and musician Yungblud, often regarded as one of the UK music scenes brightest stars.

Louis joins Yungblud in the USA, on the last two nights of a whirlwind tour. Along the way, Louis meets fans who follow their hero with almost religious intensity, attracted to his brand of emotionally charged music.

In a Paris hotel during the European leg of his tour, Louis and Yungblud sit down to discuss a range of topics including his mental health, his sexuality and his response to outspoken critics.

Louis also travels to Doncaster to spend time with Yungblud and his family, where they discuss his turbulent upbringing.

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