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Episode 4The surveillance is continuing, but everyone believes it’s most unlikely Minstead Man will appear again after such a close call. The days turn into a couple of weeks, and not only have they seen no sign of Minstead Man on their plot, but he hasn’t committed any offences anywhere else either. It seems he was well and truly spooked by the near miss.

Colin is still working around the clock, monitoring the surveillance by night and leading the investigation and developing any new leads by day, because his DI, Nathan Eason (Matthew Gravelle), is on a course. Colin is extremely sleep deprived. His wife Louise (Claudie Blakley) thinks he can’t go on like this much longer, and he needs to have a day off. But Colin is determined that they have to stay focused – they can’t make a mistake with the surveillance or they will lose their chance of catching him.

Colin wants to get a sense of what it’s like for the team who are conducting the nightly surveillance, so he and DS Neville Hylton (Sule Rimi) man one of the observation points for a night. At one point they think they might be watching the Night Stalker in action, but it turns out to be just a hoodie-wearing teenager returning home.

DI Nathan Eason returns from his course, which allows Colin to take a much-needed weekend off while Nathan covers the surveillance. Colin gratefully agrees, and surprises Louise so they can have an evening at home together and watch the England football game. That night during the surveillance, one of the surveillance officers spots a grey Vauxhall Zafira, matching the Night Stalker’s, in the plot. It hasn’t been there before. They keep an eye on it and see a black male run back to it and drive off. Could this be the Night Stalker? They don’t want to give away their whole operation if it’s not the right man.

They deploy DC Adam Spier (David Witts) and a small surveillance team to follow their target unseen. Anxious not to lose him, Spier awaits the signal from DI Nathan Eason in Central 3000 for when they can move in and arrest their suspect. Only once the grey Vauxhall Zafira is three miles from the observation area, will he be deemed far enough from their plot not to connect the police request to stop, with where he had been, and what he had been doing, fifteen minutes previously. If it turned out he was not the right man, the fact that there was a huge observation going on in a vast swathe of South-East London would remain a secret.

When stopped by DC Spier, the suspect gives a false name, but they subsequently find a bank card with his real name on it, as well as a cagoule, crowbar, torch and balaclava, which reveals his true identity. Could this man be the Night Stalker they’ve been searching for all these years? Nathan calls Colin to tell him the news. Though it’s the middle of the night, Louise points out that there is no way he will go back to sleep. He might as well go in, and he does.

The suspect is taken into custody where he has a DNA test. Colin and the team now have to wait for the results of the DNA test to see if they have caught the Night Stalker at last.

About Manhunt The Night Stalker

Martin Clunes stars as the former London Metropolitan Police Detective Chief In-spector Colin Sutton in a sequel to the critically acclaimed drama Manhunt.

Manhunt The Night Stalker, a four part drama, is the real life story of the police pursuit of a notorious serial burglar and rapist, whose 17 year reign of terror left thousands of elderly people in south east London living in fear. It is based on the diaries of Colin Sutton.

BAFTA award winning actor Martin Clunes will again take the role of DCI Sutton, the detective he portrayed in the first series of Manhunt tenaciously pursuing serial killer Levi Bellfield.

This show is broadcast on ITV.

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