Marcella - 2 February 2021 - 2/2/2021 - Tuesday - ITV - TV Everyday

Marcella – 2 February 2021 – 2/2/2021 – Tuesday – ITV

Episode 3

The fallout from Jessie’s death ripples through the community as Jack is released after a long stint in prison.

At the community memorial for Jessie, Rav learns that Marcella is the undercover operative. He’s shocked, he thought she was dead. He issues a warrant for the arrest of the Maguire family, a ploy to get Marcella alone in an interview room. The Maguires are hauled into the police station to be interviewed where Rav speaks to Marcella for the first time since the end of the previous series. Rav has mourned for her, he thought she was dead. He is torn between anger and his concern. He knows that the Maguires are dangerous and MARCELLA is not well, but Marcella is steely and composed… She is Keira.

Marcella receives a mysterious package at the Maguire mansion. Inside is a fob for a locker at the Metropolitan Arts Centre… Katherine is suspicious, and Marcella is dumbfounded. She heads to the gallery and finds a locker containing newspaper articles reporting on her death. Who knows the truth?

As a bargaining chip, to get Alexander Monroe off their back, Katherine offers to find the dealer who sold Jessie the drugs. If she finds him, then Monroe will look like the hero. Not knowing this arrangement has been made, Bobby sets out to find Aaron and take care of it himself. Marcella tries to save Aaron’s disabled brother, Danny, but she’s too late.

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About Marcella

Acclaimed writer Hans Rosenfeldt continues his first British drama following the international success of the Swedish/Danish series `The Bridge’. Anna Friel stars in the lead role of Marcella Backland, a British police detective working in contemporary London. Set in Rosenfeldt’s unique style of Nordic Noir, the body of a missing child is discovered inside a wall and a task-force is assembled to catch the killer. A complex set of characters from all walks of life and interweaving storylines will take viewers on a dark and emotional journey with turns at every corner.

This show is broadcast on ITV.

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