Marcella - 26 January 2021 - 26/1/2021 - Tuesday - ITV - TV Everyday

Marcella – 26 January 2021 – 26/1/2021 – Tuesday – ITV

Episode 1

Marcella is working deep undercover in Belfast, investigating the Maguire crime family. She’s got a distinct new look but the faint outline of the scar on her face is still visible. Having started a relationship with Lawrence, the accountant for the business, Marcella is deep behind enemy lines as her alias Keira Devlin. The family business is run by matriarch Katherine and her two sons; the OCD suffering Rory and the tempestuous Finn. The daughter, Stacey, is heavily pregnant and married to reckless and dangerous Bobby who works for the business but has a secret drug business as a sideline. The family have a stronghold over the ports, trafficking drugs and people through the borders. They have deep pockets and control the local police.

Wanting to ingratiate herself deeper into the family, Marcella informs the family that Lawrence is embezzling. Lawrence meets a grizzly end, but Marcella is now closer to the family and begins a relationship with Finn.

Bobby, wanting to distance himself from the drug business before the family find out, violently assaults a dealer on the estate. Later, whilst in London, Bobby murders Isambard Grey at a nightclub, smashing a jeroboam of Champagne over his head during an altercation. DSI Rav Sangha is assigned the case.

We meet 13-year-old Jessie, a young girl addicted to drugs and rebelling against the impending return of her imprisoned father Jack. Jack is serving time for the Maguire family, as a faithful henchman.

When the bodies of 10 trafficked workers are discovered at the docks, politician Alexander Monroe declares war on the Maguire family.

Episode 2

Rav heads to Belfast to investigate Bobby while Marcella delves deeper into the Maguires’ criminal world. Marcella shares information with Frank that leads to subsequent raids on the family businesses. They quickly suspect a rat…

On her way to meet Frank, someone recognizes Marcella. She recognizes him as someone from her past… Matthew Gaskill. Could her cover be blown? Frank wants to extract her, she’s too close to the family and it breaches codes of conduct, but Marcella insists she’s closer than ever. She promises to deliver the whole family to justice; it will be worth the risk.

In London, Rav convinces a witness to reveal Isambard’s killer, sending him to Belfast to investigate Bobby Barrett. Rav arrives at Belfast police station, on the warpath. Eddie, the Maguire police informant, quickly warns Finn of his arrival and his interest in Bobby.

Finn is incandescent with Bobby, but Marcella offers up some advice to help the case, which only helps build trust with the family.

Marcella finds that someone has pinned a sheet of music on her windscreen… later she discovers the music is the lullaby from baby Juliet’s music box. She begins to have nightmares about her former life, her past trauma closing in around her. She takes drugs to drown out the painful memories.

We meet Aaron, the drug dealer who has taken the helm on the estate. He sells Jessie some poorly cut gear that leads to a tragic ending. Aaron and his disabled brother are now in the firing line with Bobby and the law, but which is worse?

Bobby turns himself in, knowing that they’ve threatened the witness into withdrawing her statement, therefore exonerating Bobby as a suspect. Rav is furious, he knows he needs to stay in Belfast and investigate Bobby and the family he works for. His boss tells him that there’s another operation going on with an undercover operative…

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About Marcella

Acclaimed writer Hans Rosenfeldt continues his first British drama following the international success of the Swedish/Danish series `The Bridge’. Anna Friel stars in the lead role of Marcella Backland, a British police detective working in contemporary London. Set in Rosenfeldt’s unique style of Nordic Noir, the body of a missing child is discovered inside a wall and a task-force is assembled to catch the killer. A complex set of characters from all walks of life and interweaving storylines will take viewers on a dark and emotional journey with turns at every corner.

This show is broadcast on ITV.

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