Marketplace — October 1 2021 – 10/1/2021 – CBC

Marketplace weeds out wrongdoing against consumers and puts pressure on people in power to set things right.

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CBC Marketplace is Canada’s only investigative consumer program, broadcast on CBC Television since 1972.

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1 Response

  1. Gail Fredricksen says:

    I watched in horror the comments referencing clothing imported to Canada. I was sickened to think I was drawn to the ridiculous pricing and purchased over $200.00 of toddler clothing ! Thankfully – the child is not big enough to wear those garments. A CALL WENT OUT IMMEDIATELY TO THE GIFTED – DESTROY! DO NOT WEAR!!!! What is wrong with our Import Branch that they can’t STOP these from entering Canada! This should fall under CLIMATE CHANGE if they have no powers or no will to prevent this! What happened to Canadians! We used to be a strong, independent, caring people!

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