Martin Compston’s Scottish Fling “Lowlands” 14 October 2022: Series 1 Episode 6 on BBC One

Martin Compston's Scottish Fling "Lowlands" 14 October 2022: Series 1 Episode 6 on BBC One 11

Martin and Phil end their tour of Scotland with an elementally inspired trip around the Lowlands, before heading to Martin’s hometown of Greenock for a heartfelt hilltop goodbye.

Thinsg don’t get off to the best start when Phil is unexpectedly delayed due to bad weather on the island of Barra, so Martin flyes solo at the Edinburgh Fire Festival of Beltane. After a crash course in this night-time Celtic celebration from Angus Farquhar – the man who revived Beltane in 1988 – Martin dons mask and cloak to throw himself gamely in at the deep end.

The next morning sees the boys reuniting on the streets of Edinburgh, before setting off for a terrifying trip up a wind turbine in the Borders. Then it’s on to the safe surroundings of a hotel in Stranraer that holds the unique title of being the first to have its very own curling rink. The boys are there to get a lesson in curling from some of the recent Winter Olympic stars, including gold medal winner Vicky Wright. With coaching over, Phil and Martin go head-to-head in a three-stone dramatic curl-off!

The boys decide to spend their final evening it under the stars, stargazing in the UK’s first Dark Sky Park, the Galloway Forest, where they are introduced to all things cosmos by astro photographer Andrew Allan.

The pair then head back to Martin’s hometown of Greenock, where their journey began. Here on the hill overlooking the town, Martin and Phil have an emotional recap of their recent adventures.

About Martin Compston’s Scottish Fling

Martin Compston embarks on an unforgettable road trip around his beloved Scotland with friend Phil MacHugh to showcase what makes modern Scotland tick today.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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