Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton 14 May 2022: Series 2 Episode 3 on BBC Three

Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton 14 May 2022: Series 2 Episode 3 on BBC Three 11

Series 2 Episode 3 of 6 – Amir embarks on his gruelling ten-week training regime in the States. First stop, Omaha Nebraska.

Faryal has secured a formidable training squad, including pound for pound best boxer in the world – Terrence Crawford and his trainer Brian ‘BOMAC’ Mcintyre.

Before Amir leaves, Faryal arranges a farewell dinner for him with some of his friends. She surprises him with a compilation of video memories to motivate him for the months ahead, from his first boxing match, to their wedding day and early home videos of the children.

It’s December, weeks into the tough training regime in Nebraska, and it’s Amir’s birthday.

Faryal and daughter Lamaisah are in Dubai have a special surprise for him.

Crawford and the team have a very different idea of a birthday treat waiting for Amir in the form of birthday bumps, boxing style.

In Manchester, Faryal and Khandija meet up with old friend and newlywed Omar! The girls want to find out how he’s enjoying married life and reflect on the pros and cons of being married themselves!

About Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton

World boxing champion Amir Khan and his American influencer wife Faryal let us in to their crazy, fabulous and fast-paced family life in their beloved Bolton home.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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