Meet the Press May 8 2022: Sunday on NBC

Meet the Press May 8 2022: Sunday on NBC 5Chuck Todd hosts another episode of Meet the Press Sunday, May 8 2022 on NBC. 

Scroll down to watch and about today’s (5/8/2022) episode of Meet the Press on NBC.

This Week on Meet the Press May 8 2022

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

Legal Panel

Neal Katyal
Former Acting U.S. Solicitor General and Former Law Clerk for Stephen Breyer; NBC News Legal Analyst

Dahlia Lithwick
Senior Editor, Slate; Host, Amicus podcast; NBC News Law & Politics Analyst

Jennifer Mascott
Assistant Professor of Law, Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University; Former Law Clerk for Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas


Kimberly Atkins Stohr
Senior Opinion Writer, Boston Globe; NBC News Contributor

Sara Fagen
Former Bush White House Political Director; NBC News Contributor

Josh Gerstein
Senior Legal Affairs Reporter, POLITICO

Ali Vitali
NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent

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