Million Pound Pawn 14 July 2022: Season 2 Episode 5 on ITV

Million Pound Pawn 14 July 2022: Season 2 Episode 5 on ITV 11

Season 2 Episode 5 – Back in the world of high end pawnbroking the thrill of getting a great deal over the line never wears off. But dealers need to be expert negotiators to make sure that they make a profit, and sometimes their clients give as good as they get.

In Sheffield, Dan is pushed hard by retired PR executive Jayne, who is looking to make a big return on several designer handbags to help pay for her daughter Charlotte’s fairy tale wedding. In Cheshire’s golden triangle, Kathy meets savvy watch collector Anthony who is looking to trade up his collection of luxury watches for one worth over £100,000. But with some brands rocketing in value while others depreciate, can Kathy come up with the right price to get this potentially lucrative deal across the line?

Meanwhile, luxury goods dealers Adam and Emily are lured from London to Bath to meet flying fanatic Chris, who wants to sell his prized Gyrocopter. This is unchartered territory for Adam and Emily – can they work their little black book of high net worth contacts and secure a buyer? In Cheltenham, Miles welcomes regular customer Zoe, who has fallen in love with an aquamarine ring in the shop window. She is looking to part exchange a diamond bracelet she no longer wears, but will Miles budge on his price?

About Million Pound Pawn

Pawnbroking is big business, every 24 hours pawnbrokers across the country buy, sell and loan against over a million pounds worth of our treasured possessions. And as the country emerges from a period of economic uncertainty the number of pawnbroking shops on our high street is rising. With assets ranging from 35 carat gemstones to designer watches and handbags, to classic cars, train carriages and even horses, a new breed of 21st century pawnbrokers are reshaping this ancient industry.

This series lifts the lid on this fascinating fast moving business where no two days are ever the same. Featuring everything from the treasured, to the unwanted and from the familiar to the rare and unusual, we follow each transaction from beginning to end- plotting the route the brokers take to make sure that they get the very best from every deal, and with sometimes tiny margins they must negotiate hard to secure a profit. Whether it’s a millionaire businessman in need of a loan, or a terminally ill grandmother looking to make memories with her family this series tells the real life story behind the valuables. With exclusive access to some of the nations most exciting dealers, unforgettable characters, heartwarming stories and an array of incredible assets this series reveals the emotional and financial stakes at play in the intriguing world of pawnbroking.

This show is broadcast on ITV.

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