Moonshine “How to Slander a Finley-Cullen or Die Trying” November 20 2022: Series 2 Episode 8 on CBC

Moonshine "How to Slander a Finley-Cullen or Die Trying" November 20 2022: Series 2 Episode 8 on CBC 11As Gale and the Marauders take the Moonshine by force, Lidia has to release the Finley-Cullens’ enemy Jill from prison to help. Only two options to win this war — dance their asses off or die trying.

About Moonshine

From creator, showrunner and executive producer Sheri Elwood (Call Me Fitz), MOONSHINE (8×60) is a raucous, one-hour dramedy that tells the story of the Finley-Cullens, a dysfunctional clan of adult half-siblings battling for control of the ancestral business, The Moonshine, a ramshackle summer resort, two stars on a good day — and that day was in 1979. It’s an epic tale of lust, legacy and lobster, set against the backdrop of financial hardship, insane tourists, small-town intrigue and a long-buried secret that threatens to annihilate the Finley-Cullens once and for all.

When eldest daughter, Lidia, (Jennifer Finnigan, Salvation) returns home from New York to discover she’s inherited a good portion of the family business, it makes her and her misfit siblings question who rightfully deserves to take the reins once their parents retire… and it’s gotten downright dirty.

While Lidia was building a family and a successful career in New York City, her half-sister Rhian, (Anastasia Phillips, Reign, Tammy’s Always Dying) dedicated her life to maintaining the Moonshine and her marriage. Neither are going well, and when stepsister Lidia returns… bad’s about to get worse.

Lidia’s younger blood sister, Nora, (Emma Hunter, Mary Goes Round, Mr. D) is the opposite of Rhian. A sexy local radio DJ, the less she’s involved in the Moonshine — or any family business, for that matter– the better. Doesn’t mean she won’t bone her sibling’s husband once in a while…

Then there’s Rhian’s twin Ryan, (Tom Stevens, Wayward Pines, The 100), aging party boy with so many stints in rehab, he’s got a punch card. With hopes of upward mobility, i.e. moving from a trailer to an actual apartment, Ryan’s hoping to support himself and his cleaning-lady girlfriend Crystal (Erin Darke, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) with a magic mushroom farm, but it’s not long before Ryan realizes the party-dude schtick has an expiry date and ownership over the Moonshine could be just the ticket.

It’s the youngest, adopted sibling Sammy, (Alexander Nunez, Avocado Toast) who’s perhaps most deserving of inheriting the Moonshine. He’s been keeping family secrets for Bea (Corrine Koslo, Anne with an E) and misleading his closest sibling Lidia in the process. If Lidia finds out Sammy’s been doing Bea’s bidding will it destroy their close relationship for good?

No matter what the kids think, the heads of the family, Bea and Ken (Peter MacNeill, This Life, Call Me Fitz) have final say and are not game to relinquish control just yet. To do so would mean finally being forced to confront a secret and sordid past, and worse, getting their kids involved…

This show is broadcast on CBC.

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