Murder in Provence “Death at Chateau de Bremont” 24 July 2022: Episode 2 on ITV

Murder in Provence "Death at Chateau de Bremont" 24 July 2022: Episode 2 on ITV 11

Episode 2: Death at Chateau de Bremont – Now working as a consultant for the police, Marine helps Antione and Hélène investigate the death of an aristocrat, found dead at his crumbling chateau. But just when they team think they’ve got their suspects nailed, another body is found.


Antoine Verlaque – Roger Allam
Marine Bonnet – Nancy Carroll
Hélène Paulik – Keala Settle
Florence Bonnet – Patricia Hodge
Georges Moutte – Jeremy Clyde
Claude Ossarte – Scott Chambers
Bernard Rodier – Paul Bazely
Yann Falquero – Benedict Clarke
Thierry Marchive – Shadrach Agozino
Garrigues Druon – Yasmin Taheri
Annie Leonetti – Jasmine Hyde
Audrey Zacharie – Leila Mimmack
Christophe Lemoine – Richard Sargent
Guiseppe Rocchia – Ben Jones
Sylvie – Kirsty Bushell
François Roussel – Geff Francis
Claire Rocchia – Louise Delamere
Luc Martinez – Oliver Alvin-Wilson
Patrick – Liran Nathan
Clémence Elliot – Rachel Mariam
Lionel Monetti – Asheq Akhtar

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