Murder in Provence “The Affairs on Men” 31 July 2022: Episode 3 on ITV

Murder in Provence "The Affairs on Men" 31 July 2022: Episode 3 on ITV 11

Episode 3: The Affairs on Men – A love affair seems to be at the heart of a young woman’s death in the nearby town of Éguilles, but is it connected to the discovery of an older woman’s body in a vineyard kilometres away? Antoine, Marine and Hélène investigate the men in the two women’s lives to discover what was done to them and why.


Antoine Verlaque – Roger Allam
Marine Bonnet – Nancy Carroll
Hélène Paulik – Keala Settle
Florence Bonnet – Patricia Hodge
Georges Moutte – Jeremy Clyde
Claude Ossarte – Scott Chambers
Bernard Rodier – Paul Bazely
Yann Falquero – Benedict Clarke
Thierry Marchive – Shadrach Agozino
Garrigues Druon – Yasmin Taheri
Annie Leonetti – Jasmine Hyde
Audrey Zacharie – Leila Mimmack
Christophe Lemoine – Richard Sargent
Guiseppe Rocchia – Ben Jones
Sylvie – Kirsty Bushell
François Roussel – Geff Francis
Claire Rocchia – Louise Delamere
Luc Martinez – Oliver Alvin-Wilson
Patrick – Liran Nathan
Clémence Elliot – Rachel Mariam
Lionel Monetti – Asheq Akhtar

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