My Unique B&B 2 May 2022: ‘Lynn and Mick’s Romany Caravan’ on BBC Two

My Unique B&B 2 May 2022: 'Lynn and Mick's Romany Caravan' on BBC Two 11

Lynn and Mick’s Romany Caravan – Series 2 Episode 6 of 15 – Simon and team go to Epsom Downs in Surrey to help turn a bow-top caravan into a romantic B&B that will be the focal point of Lynn and Mick’s wedding business. Lynn has always wanted a bow-top caravan as she is the granddaughter of circus performers and believes it is in her blood. However, after buying one eight years ago, the restoration project failed to get off the ground – until now.

The team get to work creating an insulated and watertight traditional covering for the caravan roof, and a trip to an original Victorian train carriage that has been turned into a B&B in Bridport, Dorset, gives Lynn and Mick plenty of design inspiration.

Simon creates an outdoor kitchen inspired by the bow top itself, while top carpenter Ian Tsang is given the task of creating some beautifully crafted steps to create an entrance in keeping with the caravan design, and designers Zoe Hewett and Sophie Dunn employ some traditional Romany crafting in their interior design.

About My Unique B&B

Master craftsman Simon Parfett and his team help people with a little land or a beautiful garden generate extra income by creating their own unique B&B.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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