My Unique B&B “Michelle and Tobin’s Summerhouse” 10 May 2022: Tuesday on BBC Two

My Unique B&B "Michelle and Tobin's Summerhouse" 10 May 2022: Tuesday on BBC Two 11

Michelle and Tobin’s Summerhouse – Series 2 Episode 12 of 15 – Simon and his team are in Devon to help create a unique B&B that’s not just for people. After finally achieving their dream of buying a small holding and stables, Michele and Tobin realised that the tired summerhouse on the property could offer lodgings for people, whilst the stables meant they could also bring their horses – or even alpacas.

But turning a very ordinary garden summerhouse into something more appealing to the horsey set provides a big challenge to Simon and his team.

A visit to the rustic Scollas Lodge in the Tamar Valley shows Michele and Tobin just how a hand-built wooden cabin can appeal to the B&B customer and convinces them that wany edge is the way to go on their summerhouse.

Top carpenter Ian Tsang is tasked with creating a bed that can be raised or lowered to make the most of the tiny space, designers Zoe Hewitt and Sophie Dunn help Michele to realise her American prairie dream for the interior, and Tobin comes up with a novel use for all the left over horseshoes from the stables.

About My Unique B&B

Master craftsman Simon Parfett and his team help people with a little land or a beautiful garden generate extra income by creating their own unique B&B.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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