Nadiya’s Everyday Baking “Weekend Breakfasts” 5 October 2022: Episode 4 on BBC Two

Nadiya’s Everyday Baking "Weekend Breakfasts" 5 October 2022: Episode 4 on BBC Two 11

Nadiya presents the very best weekend breakfasts for kicking back, relaxing and really indulging in the pleasure of the day’s first meal. And, of course, they are all easy, effortless and baked in the oven.

First up are Nadiya’s delectable granola cupcakes for a delicious breakfast on the go. A sticky fruit-and-nut granola shell is filled with chocolate and yoghurt before being crowned with edible flowers and fruit.

Next, Nadiya offers up a refreshing start to the day with a kiwi, mint and spinach smoothie packed with energy-boosting oats. And, for a little indulgence at the weekend, this vibrant fruity delight is topped with crispy coconut croissant bites, a flurry of crushed frozen raspberries and a drizzle of yoghurt and honey.

Nadiya’s sweet breakfast wraps have a deliciously gooey baked banana and peanut butter filling, encased in a sugary, spiced tortilla wrap and drizzled with decadent dark chocolate. They’re a perfectly indulgent way to relax into the weekend, as a batch can be baked in a matter of minutes.

Finally, Nadiya shares one of her best-ever rule-breaking recipes. She takes the traditional English fry-up to a new level by turning it into a pizza topping. Pillowy soft pizza dough with a crisp crust, smothered in a tomato and baked bean base and topped with succulent sausage, moreish mushrooms, tangy cheese, crispy onions and a perfectly runny egg. This might not be one for the purists, but it is the breakfast of champions.

Meanwhile, 18-year-old baker Kitty Tait from Oxfordshire shares her ingenious recipe for za’atar honey and feta swirls. At just 14, Kitty started to suffer from debilitating anxiety, but with the help of her dad, discovered that the simple pleasure of baking bread transformed her mental health. Kitty’s love of baking blossomed, and she now runs an acclaimed artisan bakery and is definitely a star of the future.

About Nadiya’s Everyday Baking

Nadiya Hussain inspires us to bring the joy of baking into our everyday lives, creating extraordinary meals from simple bakes you could whip up any day of the week.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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