Night Coppers 4 August 2022: Episode 4 on Channel 4

Night Coppers 4 August 2022: Episode 4 on Channel 4 11

PC Robbie, who’s also an aspiring cage fighter, tackles an aggressive male outside a busy pub. And newbie PC Emily carries out a strip-search on a non-compliant suspect. (Ep4) 

About Night Coppers

This series looks at the characterful cops of the night patrol as they tackle a huge range of incidents – from nightclub fights and drug arrests to the high stake crimes of arson, missing persons and mass brawls in the street.

But told through an amazing cast of officers, Night Coppers is as much about the cops as the crimes. Through actuality, CCTV and police bodycam we are shoulder to shoulder with the officers from dusk till dawn, seeing how they handle bloody nightclub bottlings, attempted suicides and sexual assaults and how they can take their toll on the person under the uniform, and how a certain type of black humour is sometimes the only way to get through the night.

This show is broadcast on Channel 4.

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