Normal People 8 May 2022: Sunday on BBC Three

Normal People 8 May 2022: Sunday on BBC Three 11

Series 1 Episode 9 of 12 – Marianne pursues an unhealthy relationship while studying abroad. Back in Dublin, Connell enjoys an uncomplicated relationship with Helen.

Series 1 Episode 10 of 12 – After a tragic event, Connell struggles with severe depression. Marianne remains a lifeline for him from abroad.

Series 1 Episode 11 of 12 – In Sligo, Marianne and Connell try to navigate friendship. A fight between Marianne and Alan causes a rift with her family.

Series 1 Episode 12 of 12 – In their final year in Trinity, Marianne and Connell are back together, but whether their relationship will endure after they graduate is uncertain.

About Normal People

Connell and Marianne’s relationship continues in secret and they sleep together for the first time. At school, Connell makes excuses for why he didn’t see his friends at the weekend and evades questions on his mother’s job at Marianne’s house. A girl in his friendship group, Rachel, gets impatient with Connell’s lack of interest and tensions build for Connell. Meanwhile, Marianne must find a way to explain her unplanned absences to her prying brother Alan.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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