Ocean Giants “Giant Lives” 16 July 2022: Episode 1 on BBC Two

Ocean Giants "Giant Lives" 16 July 2022: Episode 1 on BBC Two 11This episode explores the intimate details of the largest animals that have ever lived on our planet – the great whales. From the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean to the freezing seas of the Arctic, two daring underwater cameramen – Doug Allan, Planet Earth’s polar specialist, and Didier Noirot, Cousteau’s front-line cameraman – come face to face with fighting humpback whales and 200-ton feeding blue whales.

Teaming up with top whale scientists, Giant Lives discovers why southern right whales possess a pair of one-ton testicles, why the arctic bowhead can live to over 200 years old and why size truly matters in the world of whales.

About Ocean Giants

Documentary granting a unique and privileged access into the magical world of whales and dolphins, uncovering the secrets of their intimate lives as never before.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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