Oti Mabuse: My South Africa 17 November 2022: Thursday on BBC One

Oti Mabuse: My South Africa 17 November 2022: Thursday on BBC One 11

We all know Oti Mabuse from the dancefloor of Strictly, but hers has been a long journey to achieve dancing fame in the UK. It started in the townships of South Africa. In this documentary, Oti returns to her childhood home, to revisit the people and places that inspired her to be the dancer and woman she is today.

Oti left South Africa over ten years ago, and the country has changed radically since then. She starts back where her family lived: the township of Mabopane, near Pretoria. Here she goes back to her first school and first dancefloor, and there are emotional reunions with her parents and with family and friends from her past. She tracks the journey her family have taken out of poverty and recounts the struggles for money, safety and recognition. Oti and her sisters sold flowers on the streets to pay for dance classes, and she meets up with Aunt Johanna, who is still running the flower stall.

But the township is not the whole story. Oti takes a winding road trip across the country, through breathtaking landscape and unfamiliar places. Along the way, she finds new inspiration from the people she meets: musicians, farmers, dancers, and particularly from the strong women who are building the new South Africa.

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