Panorama – 29 June 2020 – 29/6/2020 – June 29 – Monday – BBC

Has Covid Testing Gone Wrong?
Is the biggest mistake in the Covid-19 crisis about to happen? As the country comes out of lockdown, the UK needs a test and trace system that can stop the disease from spreading again. So is that system ready to keep us safe? Reporter Richard Bilton investigates the rapid expansion of our testing capacity and asks whether we have got the world-beating service the prime minister promised

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  1. Gerry Lloyd says:

    The BBC leaves South Korea out of the story again. They admit that Germany has fared well by using test/tracing but there’s a stolid refusal to say that South Korea nailed it by being the first big test/tracers, doing it from the outset (and now having 282 casualties per 52 million, over 5 months.) It’s small wonder the public aren’t responding well at this late date. South Korea had its people behind it because it was a fresh issue. They used what they had to hand and didn’t wait for a world-beating ‘app’ that would only work on the phones of half of the population.. Or did Channel 4 get it all entirely wrong? (or

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