Police: Hour of Duty 27 June 2022: Season 2 Episode 6 on Channel 5

British Planes That Won the War with Rob Bell "Harrier Jump Jet" 8 July 2022: Episode 4 on Channel 5 11Season 2, Episode 6 – A young teenager’s buddies are in grave danger in a nearby river, and Comms HQ receives a distress call. The girls have swum out of their depth and are unable to return to land, only metres from a deadly weir. It’s a race against time to keep this enjoyable outing from becoming a tragedy. Meanwhile, a special task team is preparing to raid a home that is suspected of being used as a cannabis plantation.

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This show is broadcast on Channel 5.

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  1. Carinth Heaton says:

    Why were police sent to people in trouble in the water, rather than just the paramedics and fire brigade?

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