Police Interceptors 5 September 2022: Season 18 Episode 5 on Channel 5

Police Interceptors 5 September 2022: Season 18 Episode 5 on Channel 5 11

James Carrington and Dan Machin race to assist colleagues who are pursuing a stolen car that is racing along the M1 at 100mph and showing no signs of slowing down – and, to make matters worse, it is recklessly weaving across all four lanes of the busy highway. Meanwhile, the Tactical Support Group leads a dawn raid on a warehouse, with the goal of apprehending a man with known ties to organised crime.

About Police Interceptors

Drunk drivers and car thieves, among other miscreants, are no match for the high-speed police interception units profiled in this documentary series. Officers from a number of law enforcement units dotted around the United Kingdom are shown patrolling their jurisdictions and keeping the streets as safe as possible. Cameras capture intense motorway chases and interactions with suspects, and also lighter moments that give viewers a sense of the officers’ personalities away from their pressure-filled jobs.

This show is broadcast on Channel 5.

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