Quantum Leap “Salvation or Bust” S01E05 October 17 2022: Monday on NBC

Quantum Leap "Salvation or Bust" S01E05 October 17 2022: Monday on NBC 2On Monday October 17 2022 at 10pm ET, NBC broadcasts the new “Salvation or Bust” episode of “Quantum Leap”  where Ben leaps to flashy 1970’s Las Vegas and into the body promising young boxer Danny Hill on the eve of a big title fight.

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Salvation or Bust – Season 1, Episode 5 – Ben is transported back to 1898 and the rustic, frontier town of Salvation, where he must take on a deadly outlaw. Magic, Jenn and Ian face a new threat when a curious senator shows up at headquarters asking a lot of questions about the Quantum Leap program.

About Quantum Leap

Physicist Ben Song and a newly revamped team embark on a journey through time.

This show is broadcast on NBC, also known as the National Broadcasting Company.

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