Quantum Leap “What A Disaster!” S01E06 October 24 2022: Monday on NBC

Quantum Leap "What A Disaster!" S01E06 October 24 2022: Monday on NBC 2On Monday October 24 2022 at 10pm ET, NBC broadcasts the new “What A Disaster!” episode of “Quantum Leap”  where Ben leaps to flashy 1970’s Las Vegas and into the body promising young boxer Danny Hill on the eve of a big title fight.

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What A Disaster! – Season 1, Episode 6 – Ben and Addison find themselves in San Francisco during the historic 1989 earthquake. As the city continues to crumble with aftershocks, Ben must try to mend a family in chaos. Jenn and Ian search for clues to an unsettling mystery.

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Physicist Ben Song and a newly revamped team embark on a journey through time.

This show is broadcast on NBC, also known as the National Broadcasting Company.

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