Real Housewives and the Menopause 9 August 2022: Episode 2 on ITVBe

Real Housewives and the Menopause 9 August 2022: Episode 2 on ITVBe 11Episode 2With plans for Seema’s #HotMess menopause event underway, the Housewives are feeling inspired to get behind the campaign and spread the message… Rachel and Lauren both admit to knowing very little about the menopause, so they visit a Menopause café to meet women bravely sharing their stories.

Having grown up in a religious household, Lystra didn’t have many opportunities to discuss the menopause. Despite this, she’s schooling herself in the subject – ensuring she’s ready for whatever the menopause may bring her way.

To help with their journey as a couple, Seema and husband Sandeep visit a therapist and discuss how the menopause has impacted their marriage, and Seema is shocked to hear how Sandeep has been feeling…

Meanwhile, Lauren is pleasantly surprised at how quickly her symptoms have settled after visiting the GP who prescribed a very simple treatment – meanwhile Nicole, a self-confessed fan of the cold, indulges in some alternative therapy…

Sheena has an emotional meet-up with her sister, who reveals how tough her menopausal years were for her, and for the first time, Seema and her mum Pat share stories of their menopause, realising that their experiences have been much alike.

Finally, it’s time to shoot the Housewives #HotMess campaign, with some special guests from the Menopause café joining in. As the women reveal their photos to friends and family, they look back on their journeys and everything they’ve discovered.

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