Real Housewives and the Menopause 8 August 2022: Episode 1 on ITVBe

Real Housewives and the Menopause 8 August 2022: Episode 1 on ITVBe 11Episode 1 – Having both lived with symptoms for years, Seema and Nicole are on a mission to get the other Housewives talking all things menopause, but are the other Housewives ready to embark on this journey too?

Despite being a successful businesswoman, Seema admits that her confidence was knocked after her medically induced menopause – she’s hoping that by removing the taboo surrounding the subject, she can encourage other women to open up about their menopausal years. Like Seema, Nicole has been menopausal for a while but is unable to take HRT – she’s trying to balance her symptoms through diet and exercise, but her husband has a slightly different approach to handling everything…

Rachel, who has so far been ignoring the possibility that she may be menopausal, may be forced to confront the idea it’s just around the corner, and although Lauren has had some menopausal symptoms, she hasn’t been giving the menopause much thought either. It might be high time to find out what exactly is going on in her body…

As for Sheena, ever since she saw her sister suffer during menopause, she’s pushed the ‘M’ word firmly to the back of her mind, but thanks to Nicole, who organises a menopause workshop, Sheena (and the Housewives’ partners) are about to get a crash course. However, it’s Seema who has an even bigger menopause-themed stunt up her sleeves.

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