Red Rose “Scapegoat” 22 August 2022: Episode 3 on BBC Three

Red Rose "Scapegoat" 22 August 2022: Episode 3 on BBC Three 11

Disturbed, but resolved to find out what Red Rose is, the gang resolve to play along, to discover its secrets, and the ‘games’ begin. But this agency comes with consequences. Is history repeating itself? When Red Rose lashes back with a very public demonstration of its reach, it feels like Bolton itself is turning against our group of friends.

About Red Rose

School is about to finish for the last summer. For many teenagers this signals the beginning of the next stage of their lives. For a group of working class friends in Bolton, there is no next stage. All they know is that cider is cheap and the moors are a fun place to get drunk. When Rochelle is found dead in a bathtub, a mobile phone in her hand, things take a sharp turn in direction. There’s talk of suicide but they know that’s not the story. And then one them receives a text from Rochelle’s phone, inviting them to play the same app she did – guess who I am, or I’ll kill you – and the seven-day counter begins.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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