Richard Osman’s House of Games 27 October 2022: Series 6 Episode 39 on BBC Two

Richard Osman's House of Games 27 October 2022: Series 6 Episode 39 on BBC Two 11

Every day this week, previous contestants Radzi Chinyanganya, Janet Ellis, Darren Harriott and Suzi Ruffell take on a series of quiz rounds selected by the host, quiz legend Richard Osman.

A daily winner is declared following a quickfire round at the end of each show, and the scores are tallied across the week, resulting in an overall champion being crowned on Friday.

Facing their second chance to win a prize, will the winning stars opt for the iconic House of Games dartboard, or will they be tempted with the House of Games fondue set?

About Richard Osman’s House of Games

`Pointless’ presenter and quiz expert Richard Osman strikes out on his own to present `Richard Osman’s House of Games’. Each week a group of four famous faces compete against each other to test their knowledge in a series of quick-paced rounds of games. Richard will then cross-examine the competitive celebrities as they continue to try to increase their scores, and match Richard’s mental prowess. Each show will conclude with a quick-fire round that will decide the day’s winner, with the week’s champion being crowned at the end of the week.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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