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Sally Lindsay pays a visit to some of the poshest homes in Britain. Sally is in the Surrey Hills, at her hosts’ 10 million pound Hollywood-style mega mansion. (S1 Ep 2)

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This show is broadcast on Channel 5.

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21 Responses

  1. Marilyn Brace says:

    What’s his second name loved the down to earth Pete

  2. Colin Findlay says:

    Watched this episode – thought she came over as a bit of a ‘ gold digger ‘ with her wants..Yes maybe said tongue in cheek, ( although I think she was trying it on ) when she states she holidays in Majorca, so his new boat should be big enough for her and her family..Think Pete saw through her with his reply..

  3. Christine says:

    Really interesting…Loved Pete ,but,what was his second name.?

  4. Helen Botham says:

    Excellent. Really enjoyed it.

  5. Shelby says:

    Loved this episode, but the comment the daughter said about northerners I didn’t , obviously she is ashamed of her dads roots. He should be and is so proud of himself .

  6. Stuart Dymond says:

    The son was wearing some mirrored sunglasses on the boat – anyone recognise them as I really liked them!

  7. Peter Bury says:

    Those are my glasses – ‘borrowed’ months ago! I think they’re Oakley – bought them for skiing

  8. Donna Wilks says:

    Wow what a house, nice that Pete is still down to earth and a decent guy, what people don’t see on these shows, is the blood sweat and tears, it’s probably taken him over the years, to get to where he is, cannot beat a grafter who’s done really well for himself.

    Felt a bit awkward in bits for him, thought Sally was pretty gobby (rude) in parts, yes she is a down to earth northerner like myself, but even us northerners have manners, didn’t see many coming from her, also comparing him, to herself just because he’s from the north? Sorry Sally no comparison.

    Anyway think Pete needs his own show, so we can see what boat he buys also they never showed us his car collection? He’s got to have a few cars? Right?

    Like the show, just hope Sally gets some manners like please and thank you

  9. Peter Bury says:

    I thought Sally was great – just like a good friend – it honestly felt like I’d known her for years…

  10. Amanda Mains says:

    I must say you came across Amazon Pete and very attractive

  11. Amanda Mains says:


  12. Amanda Mains says:

    Are you single ha ha

  13. Peter Bury says:

    Why thankyou

  14. Amanda Mains says:

    Extra curious are you still on Instagram

  15. Amanda Mains says:


  16. Donna Wills says:

    In that case I take my words back Pete, at the end of the day we only get to see the edited bits of the show, I do like Lindsey in other things she’s in, I just thought she could have been a bit more polite as a guest in your home, but maybe she was and we didn’t get to see that : )

  17. Dawn Wilson says:

    Hi Pete can I have your number?!?

  18. Jackie says:

    Preston is a big place but it was never actually said where in the city Pete was from.

  19. LOL, clearly, from some of the comments, being on a reality show does wonders for your sex life in the UK! So funny to watch from NZ, were people are not impressed with people on TV at all. Brave man being on reality tv show, it could have all gone very pear shaped with the wrong producer. Doesn’t surprise me that your a Lancashire lad come good as we have some grit and determination up north that takes us places. 😉

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