Santa Claus: The Serial Killer “Who Is John?” 8 November 2022: Episode 6 on BBC Three

Santa Claus: The Serial Killer "Who Is John?" 8 November 2022: Episode 6 on BBC Three 11

As journalist Mobeen Azhar nears the end of his investigation into the story behind eight men murdered by serial killer and shopping mall Santa Claus Bruce McArthur, he explores whether there could be more victims.

One man who spent an evening with McArthur says police found an eerie photo of him on the killer’s computer. McArthur logged his victims by individual folders, but there were more folders than men found in the suburban garden.

Mobeen speaks to the sister of a man who remains missing. It was years before that her brother vanished, leaving nothing but a note. Initially, she saw no links between her brother and McArthur. That was until she heard specific details about the serial killer’s life.

In his search for answers about this missing man, Mobeen goes back to the house where the bodies were buried. The homeowners have dug out something to show him: an old audio recording of Bruce McArthur speaking, years before. What he says leaves Mobeen feeling cold.

About Santa Claus: The Serial Killer

Award-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar investigates the story behind the murders of eight men in Toronto, Canada.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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