Secret Life of the Forest 16 November 2021: Tuesday on Channel 5

Cameras catch the different species that lives in England’s largest forest, Kielder in Northumberland, such as roe deer, red squirrels, pipistrelle bats, otters, ospreys, and more, as the woodland changes over the seasons. It’s spring, and the longer days are bringing a burst of life to this breathtaking environment. A plethora of wildlife that has spent the winter either hidden away or in warmer climates is set to return for a flurry of action.

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This show is broadcast on Channel 5.

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1 Response

  1. Mike Thompson says:

    I hope my following comments will be received in the manner they are intended, as constructive criticism.
    As someone reasonably experienced in Northumberland natural history I have to say that the way the first episode has been presented is likely to leave many people confused if not ill informed with regard to the times in the season some of the featured animals are seen and the mis- match between commentary and images. In my experience migrating Painted Lady Butterflies rarely reach Northumberland much before May let alone produce their first brood of adults in May ! which is what your programme seems to show. Furthermore the caterpillar food plants are most commonly Creeping Thistle and Spear Thistle. It is rare for eggs to be laid on nettles and the caterpillars fair less well on nettles. You have given an inaccurate account of Painted Lady natural history ! Young Swallows do not fledge until mid Summer at the earliest in a good year ! With the exception of one partial image of a male alongside a female all the main images of Adders shown during the commentary about male Adders were of females ! Nothing was said about the distinct differences of size and colouration between the sexes. You have an opportunity hear to accurately inform, educate and enthuse people about the natural history of Northumberland. PLEASE DON’T BLOW IT ! Regards, Mike Thompson.

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