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Andy is operating the local train service when an object strikes his window. He halts the train and gets out to find an arrow next to the tracks. We cut to Scott making his way through the forest.

Ian gathers his team at the parish hall. Kevin arrives and sits in on the meeting. As they talk through their findings, PC Patel interrupts to alert them to the arrow attack. Ian, Kevin and Cleaver rush to the scene.

At the Rowley house, Fred and Cathy worry about where Scott is ahead of his sentencing. Cathy struggles to write a card for Julie. Meanwhile, Julie and Cinderella reckon with their grief and Cinderella receives a text from Ronan checking in. On the Sparrow Farm, Mickey and Rory load a van with electronics whilst Ronan gets a reply. Daphne asks Ronan to help Rory pack up the phone farm.

Ian and Kevin speak to Andy to deduce if he was an intended target. Fred unbolts Scott’s door and Cathy drops the card round at Julie’s. Cathy returns home to find Fred in Scott’s empty bedroom. Back at the crime scene, Ian and Kevin try to work out the killer’s movements whilst a helicopter scans the woods. Mickey sees the helicopter from the farm.

As Rory and Ronan are packing up, Rory asks Ronan to help provide an alibi for the police. Meanwhile, Andy returns home to find the adjoining fence has been taken apart. He asks Neel whether they’ll still be a gate between their homes given its importance to Neel’s mum. They talk about Gary’s death and Andy tries to explain what happened to him that morning. Neel connects Andy’s phone to their new speaker, but Andy leaves abruptly.

On the drive back, Kevin asks Ian about his personal life, and they find Gary’s dog. Kevin suggests they swab the dog’s mouth for DNA. Cleaver confirms the prints found on the burnt drugs belong to Mickey and Rory. The team head out to the farm. Ian and Kevin interrogate Mickey and Rory and find arrows that match the murder weapon. As they arrest them both, Helen calls to make sure Ian’s ok.

Cut to Scott practicing in the woods. Cathy tells Fred a warrant has been issued for Scott’s arrest for missing his sentencing. At Julie’s, Ian and Kevin ask about her relationship with the Sparrows. Julie points out Gary’s allotment is next to theirs. They travel to the allotment and Kevin has a memory of his time there with a woman in 1984.

Cinderella calls Ronan and asks him to come over and prove his family had nothing to do with Gary’s death. Ronan says he can’t as the police are there. She hangs up.

Ian and Cleaver interrogate Mickey and Rory, but they give nothing away. Afterwards, Ian asks Kevin about Gary’s file. Kevin tries to fill in the gaps but can’t offer up much more than already known. Ian says goodbye as Kevin’s train is booked for the next day. At the shop, Kevin bumps into Jenny Harris, the woman from his memory. They catch up before Kevin rushes off.

We cut to Ian surveying evidence, Julie smoking in her garden, Andy about to watch a DVD and Scott staring out into the woods. Andy, who has fallen asleep on the sofa, wakes up and searches for porn on his phone. He begins to masturbate. Next door, Sarah is woken by the sound coming through the new speaker. She calls Neel, who realises what’s happened. He calls a very embarrassed Andy.

The next day, Ian speaks to the local council to update on the situation where both Andy and Sarah are present. They try to avoid each other. Meanwhile, Vinay Chakrabarti, Gary’s solicitor, is attacked by an arrow at his home. Ian and Cleaver attend the scene. Ian asks Chakrabarti about his work with Gary but is interrupted by Cleaver as they found from swabbing the dog a DNA match with Scott. They rush out.

The police raid the Rowley house and take Fred and Cathy in for questioning. Ian and Cleaver ask how Scott might be choosing his targets and query his and Fred’s relationship with Gary. Ian asks where Scott could have gone, which reminds Cathy of Scott’s garage. At the lockup, they learn Scott withdrew fifteen grand from the bank. They also find a message written on the door.

As Scott cycles through the woods, Kevin hears of the arrow attack on the radio in the guesthouse. We see Scott bury money in the woods.

Back in the village, Andy receives a parcel for Sarah, and Julie and Cinderella spot the police at the Rowley house. Julie tries to call Cathy, but she chooses not to pick up.

Meanwhile, Taylor finds Scott has been hacking the town including Chakrabarti. Kevin returns and offers up his help. They travel to Chakrabarti’s office and ask for more details on Gary’s case. He tells them Gary suspected a spycop singled him out for his arrest in 1984 and that same spy remains in the village today.

Andy lets himself into Sarah’s home to drop the parcel round and walks in on her on the toilet. They get into an argument about the gate whilst Sarah unpacks the parcel containing a spade. Sarah provokes Andy and in the heat of the moment he strikes her dead with the spade.

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Two shocking and unexpected murders shatter an already fractured community.

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