Shop Well for the Planet? – 28 October 2021 – BBC One

Episode 3 Series 1 -This week, Chris Bavin and Melanie Sykes help a time-stretched family with a new baby. Steve and Saskia live in Shrewsbury with their five-month-old daughter Cece and Saskia’s six-year-old daughter Edi. They are a family who would love to be greener but just can’t find the time to do it. Having a young family has prompted them both to start thinking about the planet and whether they can become more climate conscious, but a busy work and home life has meant that it’s convenience and not the planet that is taking priority. Can they be convinced that being greener doesn’t have to cost the earth or turn their lives upside down?

Before Chris and Melanie can help Saskia and Steve go greener, they raid their home, seeking out their biggest not-so-eco spends and secretly setting up a pop-up shop with their stuff. They want to show them where they think they could be greener and save some money along the way. To track their progress, Melanie and Chris reveal the family’s carbon footprint. Steve and Saskia are relieved to hear that they aren’t doing too badly, but this is short lived when they find out what we should all be aiming for. Determined to lower their carbon footprint, they get to work.

When the family are out, we go in and turn their home greener, swapping cleaning products they know and trust for eco-friendly alternatives, and stripping their bathroom of single-use plastics. We even challenge them to give reusable nappies a go. Nothing is out of bounds: we even swap their favourite cheeses for vegan alternatives. And we don’t stop inside – Saskia’s beloved car is swapped for an electric one.

Saskia thinks that vegan cooking will take more time and make more mess, so Jordan Banjo takes on the challenge. Together they rustle up a katsu style cauliflower that any meat eater would enjoy. Chris takes Steve to their local fruit and veg market to give him a crash course in how to buy seasonally, locally, sustainably and cheaply. Saskia is not a fan of plant-based milk, but Melanie wants them to do a blind taste test to see if they can tell which is which. Jo Page visits an Asda trial store that opened last year that is piloting ways to help customers shop more sustainably. And the great British public put a vegan version of a family favourite to the test: fishless fish fingers. Which plant-based fingers take top spot for our testers?

About Shop Well for the Planet?

The presenters of Shop Well for Less and Eat Well for Less unite to share tips on how to live a greener lifestyle and save money.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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  1. Antony Hothersall says:

    The couple said that they had a budget of between £5-£7000 for a new car and drove a New model Renault Zoe which has a range of up to 245 miles and is £30k plus brand new , however with their budget the will only be looking at range of about 60 miles plus they will have to rent the battery on a monthly basis unless they buy the battery which would cost between an additional £2000-£3000 which would need to go on top of their initial budget. If they want to charge the car at home using a charge post this would also cost them a minimum of £500 to have installed, why is this not explained in the programme correctly as it does not give the full picture of the actual costs involved?

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