SkyMed August 7 2022: ‘Bushwhacked’ on CBC

SkyMed August 7 2022: 'Bushwhacked' on CBC 11Series 1 – Eps 5 – Bushwhacked – Survival Training takes a dangerous turn as resentments boil. An unexpected hit-and-run patient experiences consequences

About SkyMed

Life, death, and drama at 20,000 feet, SKYMED is a drama wrapped in high-stakes medical adventure. The series weaves compelling stories around a diverse ensemble of young First Responders in the remote North, where help – and survival – are literally thousands of miles away. Over the course of the season, the trials, triumphs, hookups and heartbreaks of a perilous job in an unforgiving setting will challenge each of them to face their fears and grow up.

This show is broadcast on CBC.

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