Still Standing September 2 2022: ‘Fenelon Falls, ON’ on CBC

Still Standing September 2 2022: 'Fenelon Falls, ON' on CBC 11Series 7 – Eps 10 – Fenelon Falls, ON – For decades, Fenelon Falls made wood products, from lumber to Tinker Toys — until the industry moved on. Now the town is becoming a vibrant destination for newcomers, cottagers and day-trippers alike.

About Still Standing

“Still Standing” is a mix of a comedy series and a reality series and features actor and comedian Jonny Harris. Harris travels across Canada to discover the hidden gems in small towns. He takes a heart-warming journey to find humor in the unlikeliest of places. He immerses himself into the town’s culture as well as into the lives of its residents. He unearths tall tales during his stay before hosting a stand-up comedy routine to help draw attention to these small towns.

This show is broadcast on CBC.

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