Strange & Suspicious Episode 8 Airs July 17 2024 on MyNetworkTV

In the upcoming Episode 8 of “Strange & Suspicious” titled “A deep dive into the world of unexplained, unsolved, downright weird stories from around the globe,” viewers are in for a thrilling ride. The show, set to air at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, 17 July 2024, on MyNetworkTV, promises to delve into mysterious and intriguing tales with the help of a diverse team of experts.

Audiences can expect to be captivated by the insights provided by a retired cop, a private investigator, an archaeologist, a UFO investigator, a mathematician, and other specialists brought together by the team at “TMZ.” Each expert brings a unique perspective to the table, offering a multifaceted view of the strange and unexplained phenomena explored in the episode.

From inexplicable occurrences to bizarre sightings, “Strange & Suspicious” promises to take viewers on a journey through the most enigmatic stories from around the world. With a blend of expertise, analysis, and speculation, the show aims to unravel the mysteries that have puzzled both experts and enthusiasts alike. Tune in to witness a captivating exploration of the unknown, as the team at “TMZ” brings these strange and suspicious tales to light in a way that will leave viewers intrigued and wanting more.

Release Date & Time: 6:00 PM Wednesday 17 July 2024 on MyNetworkTV

Strange & Suspicious Cast – Episode 8

Main Cast

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