Survivor November 17 2021: ‘Who’s Who in the Zoo’ on CBS

On Wednesday November 17 2021 at 8pm ET, CBS broadcasts the new “Who’s Who in the Zoo” episode of “Survivor 41” where a castaway is singled out for their dishonest game, making a clear distinction where the line has been drawn.

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Who’s Who in the Zoo – Season 41, Episode 9 – A castaway is singled out for their dishonest game, making a clear distinction where the line has been drawn. Also, in tonight’s challenge, immunity and reward are on the line.

The following are the 18 castaways competing in SURVIVOR 41:

LUVU Tribe (Blue):

Danny McCray, ex-NFL player

Naseer Muttalif, sales manager

Sydney Segal, law student (7th Eliminated)

Heather Aldret, stay-at-home mom

Deshawn Radden, medical student

Erika Casupanan, communications manager

UA Tribe (Green):

Brad Reese, rancher (4th Eliminated)

Sara Wilson, healthcare consultant (2nd Eliminated)

Shantel Smith, pastor

Jairus Robinson, college student (5th Eliminated)

Ricard Foyé, flight attendant

Genie Chen, grocery clerk (6th Eliminated)

YASE Tribe (Yellow):

Xander Hastings, app developer

David Voce, neurosurgeon (3rd Eliminated)

Liana Wallace, college student

Tiffany Seely, teacher (8th Eliminated, Jury Member)

Eric Abraham, cyber security analyst (1st Eliminated)

Evvie Jagoda, PhD student

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