Talking Pictures “Meryl Streep” 14 July 2022: Thursday on BBC Four

Talking Pictures "Meryl Streep" 14 July 2022: Thursday on BBC Four 11

A celebration of Meryl Streep, perhaps the greatest actress of modern times, using decades’ worth of interviews and appearances on the BBC to tell the story of her life and incredible career.

From the early days of Kramer vs Kramer and Sophie’s Choice right up to Mamma Mia! and The Iron Lady, these conversations reveal how she has approached her most important roles over the years, giving an insight into the woman who has received more Oscar nominations that any other star and remains as acclaimed now as she was in the 1970s, when she lit up our screens for the very first time

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A look back at television appearances by legends of the silver screen, using archive footage to tell the story of their lives and careers.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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