TallBoyz – July 16 2021 – 7/16/2021 – Friday – CBC

Poetry in Falsetto
Season 2, Episode 4
Virtual reality can be so much better than the real thing; the Boyz have a chore stand-off; it’s still cool to be emo; a pizzeria jingle is hard to memorize and even harder to forget.

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About TallBoyz

The TallBoyz are back for a second season to explore everything from roommates who neglect their chores to the challenges of fatherhood. Measuring in at 25’2” collectively, Guled Abdi, Vance Banzo, Tim Blair and Franco Nguyen return to jab at popular culture from a very tall point of view. This season’s sketches range from silly, absurdist themes, like a love song for bike couriers or rearing an oil barrel, to hard hitting examinations of power, privilege, racism, blackface and of course, spicy food.

Some up-and-coming comics explore friendship, race, masculinity, and more throught the sketches they perform across the country.

This show is broadcast on CBC.

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