The Bain Family Murders 5 August 2022 on More4

The Bain Family Murders 5 August 2022 on More4 1

More than 25 years on, this drama examines one of New Zealand’s most controversial criminal cases, as viewers get to know the Bain family like never before. (Ep1/5)

Crime dramatisation. Police question David about his relationship with his dad, and Robin suffers professional setbacks. And who is the real head of the household? (Ep2/5)

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3 Responses

  1. pauline beal says:

    why is channel 4 catch up not showing episode 3 of The Bain Family Murders when all other episodes are available

  2. Judith says:

    Could not agree more thinking of phoning 4 and asking had this issue before no credible answer from then? as its the dept that streams content that is responsible to say its annoying is an understatement .

  3. claire gregg says:

    Why can’t I see episode 1 or 3? So annoying

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