The Box: An American Murder Story 16 August 2022: Tuesday on Channel 5

The Box: An American Murder Story 16 August 2022: Tuesday on Channel 5 11The goal of Detective Chris Loudon is to learn the truth about one of the deadliest serial killers in American history. Loudon comes upon a box of evidence that was taken decades before and never opened. Loudon deciphers a horrifying murder mystery caused by a monster hidden in plain sight in small-town America using the box, which contains several images of young ladies. A setting where, during the 1970s, complaints of sexual assault on women were all too routinely discounted

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This show is broadcast on Channel 5.

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  1. Fiona Haughton says:

    Watched The Box an American murder story channel 5 tonight. Didn’t realise it was the first of a series, but the rest are on Paramount which I don’t have. Feel conned. Why wasn’t this made clear? Wasted an hour and feeling frustrated unable to watch the rest.

  2. Karen Collier says:

    Fiona Haughton. Totally agree with you. A total con. I wouldn’t have wasted an hour watching it if it had been made clear that they were just going to drop it half way through. I don’t have , and won’t be getting paramount +.
    For your information I’ve just looked it up and it seems that the Bruce bloke accidentally stabbed himself in the femoral artery and bled to death whilst he was stabbing another bloke to death. In 1981!
    Well, fancy! There’s a thing! What a damp squib!

  3. Susan grogan says:

    And try as I might, I can not get this show on Paramount +, wanted it in a free trial !!

  4. Janet says:

    Omg was trying to find when next episode was.. WHAT A CON.. feel cheated, this is disgusting

  5. Margaret Hicks says:

    When is the next episode on channel 5

  6. Rob Armst says:

    Really p****d off ! Agree with all, not fair to hook us in like that, bit like drug dealers ” tour first one’s free” Angry from Preststyn.

  7. Lynsey says:

    I have paramount + subscription and have tried repeated searches for the series to no avail! Not sure how to watch it!

  8. Channel five must be connected to paramount this is just free advertising. What if they did that to all there progs you would never get to the end of anything I hope other channels don’t take up this practice

  9. Gill says:

    I too like True crime stories, and purposely recorded this with series link !
    Just watched the ‘ first ‘ episode, and hoped to be able to enjoy the rest in time. However, I am angry that we cannot continue watching and will NOT subscribe to Paramount just for this. Channel 5 normally re-hash Bio’s of famous celebs to boost their programme content, so this programme was different. Now I will be more aware of the way Channel 5 works.

  10. Sue Crocombe says:

    Channel 5 have no respect for their viewers. I vowed to stop watching after they dropped Neighbours which had good viewing figures. But I was drawn to this story and like everyone else I feel totally conned. This time round I won’t be wasting my time watching anything else on C5. I think a boycott is called for.

  11. Diane says:

    Disgraceful, not the first time watched the first episode of something on channel 5.only to be conned and the rest on paramount. Halo, now the box. Taking off neighbours. Gone down big style.will be wary if I ever consider watching anything on channel 5 again

  12. Michelle Wright says:

    I am a true crime watcher and I too am really disgusted that they con the viewers like this. They shouldn’t put something on if they aren’t going to show all the series, not a happy bunny

  13. Mrs Ann Mary Kavanagh says:

    All tweet chanbel 5 about this, I’m so angry, it should have been made clear that you couldn’t watch more on channel 5, big con

  14. DIANE WHITE says:

    Absolutely ridiculous to show a one hour show and not be able to see the rest of the series, what on earth were you thinking Channel 5, if you thought this was a good idea you need to think again. Why would you not at least tell people they would be unable to watch the rest of the series, everyone is so angry

  15. Mrs Sara Blackman says:

    Well I was going to watch this tonight but not going to bother now. I too will not be getting paramount+. SHAME ON YOU CHANNEL 5..AS YOU DO HAVE SOME GOOD TRUE CRIME DOCUMENTARIES BUT TOO MUCH TOO FAR.

  16. Mor says:

    So, so dishonest Channel 5!! Not to disclose the fact that it was only half a program. SHAME ON YOU.

  17. Fran says:

    Are you all that haven’t seen Episode 2 or 3 in the UK?

  18. Denise Stannard says:

    What a con, didn’t realise when I recorded part 1 the rest was on paramount, glad I didn’t watch recorded one I have, gonna delete it no point, tbh I just wait as it will pop up somwhere else, hopefully ch 5 learnt a lesson if none of paid for subscription

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