The Challenge August 17 2022: ‘State Of The Unions’ on CBS

The Challenge August 17 2022: 'State Of The Unions' on CBS 8

On Wednesday August 17 2022 at 9:00pm ET/PT, CBS broadcasts the new “State Of The Unions” episode of The Challenge USA where Players take on one of hosts TJ Lavin’s favorite challenges, trivia, while hanging over the ledge of a 30-story building. TJ Lavin is the host.

State Of The Unions – Season 1, Episode 7 – Players are blindfolded and must navigate an epic crash course driving challenge.

Following are the CBS reality titans competing on THE CHALLENGE: USA:

Domenick Abbate SURVIVOR 36

Azah Awasum BIG BROTHER 23

David Alexander BIG BROTHER 21, 22

Tasha Fox SURVIVOR 28, 31 (Eliminated 7/20)

Tyson Apostol SURVIVOR 18, 20, 27 Winner, 40

Kyra Green LOVE ISLAND 1

Cashel Barnett LOVE ISLAND 1 (Eliminated 7/13)

Alyssa Lopez BIG BROTHER 23

Ben Driebergen SURVIVOR 35 Winner, 40

Sarah Lacina SURVIVOR 28, 34 Winner, 40

Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. LOVE ISLAND 3

Tiffany Mitchell BIG BROTHER 23 (Eliminated 7/13)

Danny McCray SURVIVOR 41

Justine Ndiba LOVE ISLAND 2 Winner

Enzo Palumbo BIG BROTHER 12, 22


Xavier Prather BIG BROTHER 23 Winner

Cashay Proudfoot LOVE ISLAND 3

Leo Temory THE AMAZING RACE 23, 24, 31

Angela Rummans BIG BROTHER 20

Javonny Vega LOVE ISLAND 3 (Eliminated 7/6)

Shannon St. Clair LOVE ISLAND 3

James Wallington THE AMAZING RACE 32 Winner (Eliminated 7/20)

Shan Smith SURVIVOR 41

Kyland Young BIG BROTHER 23

Desi Williams SURVIVOR 35

Derek Xiao BIG BROTHER 23

Cely Vazquez LOVE ISLAND 2 (Eliminated 7/6)

About The Challenge

Reality show alumni must compete in grueling physical contests and survive eliminations, cutthroat alliances and steamy hookups to win big money.

This show is broadcast on CBS, also known as the Columbia Broadcasting System.

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