The Daily Show Season 29 Episode 49 Airs May 20 2024 on Comedy Central

Get ready for another hilarious and insightful episode of “The Daily Show” as Season 29, Episode 49 airs on Comedy Central on May 20, 2024. Host Jon Stewart welcomes special guest Frank Fahrenkopf to the show for what promises to be a lively and engaging conversation.

Tune in as Jon and Frank discuss the latest news, current events, and pressing issues facing the nation and the world. With Jon’s trademark wit and Frank’s wealth of experience and insights, viewers can expect an entertaining and thought-provoking discussion that pulls no punches.

Don’t miss out on all the laughs and insights on “The Daily Show” as Jon Stewart and Frank Fahrenkopf tackle the headlines and make sense of the chaos in their own unique way. Tune in on May 20th on Comedy Central for an episode that’s sure to leave you both entertained and enlightened!

Release Date & Time: 11:00 PM Monday 20 May 2024 on Comedy Central

The Daily Show Cast – Season 29 Episode 49

Main Cast

Jules Byrd

Jules Byrd brings a fresh and dynamic voice to the world of TV blogging. Known for witty insights and captivating previews, Jules keeps readers hooked with a unique perspective on the latest shows. The engaging writing style effortlessly combines humor and critique, making Jules a favorite among TV enthusiasts.

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