The Farmers’ Country Showdown “Mid-Somerset Show” 20 June 2022: Series 6 Episode 11 on BBC Two

The Farmers' Country Showdown "Mid-Somerset Show" 20 June 2022: Series 6 Episode 11 on BBC Two 11

Shipbourne Farmers Market – Series 6 – 30 Minute Versions Episode 14 of 20 – Shipbourne Farmers Market in Kent is a vital shop window for self-taught local farmers Carla and Robin, who use the milk from the family dairy herd to produce their own cheese. Since starting 15 years ago, they have become completely carbon neutral and have also picked up lots of awards for their cheese. Today at the market, Carla is looking to make plenty of sales. Meanwhile, Kent fruit farmer Tom helps run the family business and is keen to carry on his grandfather’s work promoting the home-grown Kent cobnut. As a local, Shipbourne Farmers Market holds a lot of childhood memories for him. However, today he is hoping for a windfall of fruit sales and that customers will be interested in bagging some of his new cobnut granola.

Staffordshire County Show – Series 6 – 30 Minute Versions Episode 15 of 20 – Peter, now in his twenties, has been rearing Berkshire pigs since he was ten. He last competed at the Staffordshire County Show when he was 14. Having balanced university with work on the family farm in the Peak District, he wants to forge a future in farming. If his prized Berkshire pigs win rosettes in the competition ring, it will be not just recognition for him but also a much-needed boost for the breed, one of the rarest and oldest in the UK. While Peter hopes his pigs don’t give him the runaround, dedicated farming couple Lianne and Mark are working hard to grow their pedigree herd of South Devon cattle on rented land near Leek in Staffordshire. They are focused on giving their cows the ultimate beauty treatment so they shine in the show ring. South Devon cattle may be known as gentle giants, but overnighting at the showground, keeping up their energy levels and performing well in front of the judge are just some of the challenges they face to add more hard-earned rosettes to their collection.

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About The Farmers’ Country Showdown

British White Cattle farmers Vivien, a retired GP and David and Angela are hoping to help keep their rare breeds alive by competing at the 104th Tendring Show in Essex. It’s their local show and means a lot to them and the future of their beloved herds.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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