The Farmers’ Country Showdown “Staffordshire County Show” 22 June 2022: Wednesday on BBC Two

Gardeners' World 7 July 2022: Episode 14 on BBC Two 11

Livestock farmer Lyn is proud that her sons, Thomas and Jack, have inherited her passion for rearing and promoting rare-breed animals. It means running their North Yorkshire farm is a family effort. However, they are all preparing for stiff competition against each other at the Staffordshire County Show. With their own different rare-breed flocks, Jack has high hopes that he will beat his mum in the show ring when his spiralled-horned Boreray meets her four-horned Manx Loaghtan.

Meanwhile, Jersey cattle farming couple Jan and David, and his daughter Fiona, are just as determined to bag themselves a row of rosettes for their Shropshire farm. David has competed at the Staffordshire County Show for nearly 40 years and is confident he knows how to become a champion. They have each picked their favourite cow and will all go head-to-head in the show ring. However, Fiona’s got a job on her hands dealing with her grumpy Jersey.

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About The Farmers’ Country Showdown

British White Cattle farmers Vivien, a retired GP and David and Angela are hoping to help keep their rare breeds alive by competing at the 104th Tendring Show in Essex. It’s their local show and means a lot to them and the future of their beloved herds.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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